Havana Drinks Menu

At Havana we really want you to enjoy the experience, the delicious food, the funky music, the relaxed atmosphere and the really amazing people.

Below you will see a selection

Red Wines

Below you will see a selection of our red wines.
House Red
Hardys ‘The Riddle’ Cabernet-Merlot

Soft velvet character of merlot. Medium-bodied with rich blackcurrant and cinnamon flavours and soft, sweet, vanilla-oak in the background - Australian

£4.25 / £5.25 / £14.95

Red Wine
Veramonte Merlot

A rich and chocolatey merlot with some exotic touches of eucalyptus and tobacco on the palate. A lovely toasty edge to the typically smooth, rounded finish. - Chilean


Don Jacoborioja Crianza Bodegas Corral

A traditional rioja very much in bodegas corral’s style. Tempranillo with small additions of the garnacha and mazuelo varieties. - Spanish


Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Shiraz

This wine displays vibrant and concentrated fruit flavours. Fermented in american oak, the wine has aromas of lifted dark berry fruits and plums, well balanced tannins. - Italian


Estancia pinot noir

8 months ageing in french oak barrels. The result is a delicious, seductive style of pinot noir with excellent varietal character plus a subtle touch of vanilla. - American


House Rose
Hardys ‘The Riddle’ Cabernet-Grenache Rose

A deep coloured rose blended using cabernet sauvignon and grenache grapes.Fresh summer fruits,aromas and palate. - Australian

£4.25 / £5.25 / £14.95


White Wines

Below you will see a selection of our white wines.
House White
Hardys ‘The Riddle’ Chardonnay-Semillon

This wine has a typically soft creamy texture with limey flavours and subtle oak overtones. - Australian

£4.25 / £5.25 / £14.95

Corte Vigna Pinot Grigio

Floral racy dry white with green crisp fruit, made from a close relation of the pinot grape from alsace. - Italian

£4.45 / £5.95 / £16.25

White Wine
Southern Rivers Sauvignon Blanc

A fresh, grassy-gooseberry sauvignon blanc from the east coast region of the north island. - New Zealand


Blackstone Chardonnay

Bright and lively with plenty of delicate fruit andmineral flavours backed by subtle oak tastes. - American


Chablis, paul deloux

Flowery, lively, fresh and mouth-watering with a crisp fruity palate and with a flinty backbone only found in true chablis. - French


Sancerre Les Collinettes

Stylish and crisp, with the classic blackcurrant leaves and gooseberry character of this well known loire wine. - French


House Rose
Hardys ‘The Riddle’ Cabernet-Grenache Rose

A deep coloured rose blended using cabernet sauvignon and grenache grapes.Fresh summer fruits,aromas and palate. - Australian

£4.25 / £5.25 / £14.95

Prosecco - White and Rose

A delightfully subtle, yet refind and modern flavoursome sparkling wine, now very much in fashion

£20.00 bottle - £5.00 per glass



Duval Leroy Brut

Duval Leroy Brut


Duval Paris

Duval Paris


Duval Rose

Duval Rose


Glass of Champagne

Glass of Champagne


Bouche Pere Et Fils

Cuvée reserve brut. A light, well balanced champagne with a good maturity and biscuity flavour, blended from chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier


Brut Champagne

House Rose Brut Champagne


Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Brut

A lighter flowerier and elegantly fruity style champagne, blended from chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier


Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rose Brut

Delicate blue-pink rose, thanks to a brief encounter with the grape skins, it is flowery, fragrant and dry




Long drinks
Key west cooler

Vodka, peach schnapps, midori melon, malibu, cranberry juice


Woo Woo with extra Woo

Vodka, peach schnapps, tequila, cranberry juice, lemon and lime mix


Havana lights

Malibu, midori melon, orange juice, cranberry juice


Long island ice tea

Havana club rum, tequila, gin, vodka, triple sec, lemon and lime mix,coke


Sex on the beach

Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, grenadine


Mai Tai

Dark rum, white rum, apricot brandy, triple sec, orange juice, grenadine


Shark bite

Rum, orange juice, grenadine, lime juice


Blue lagoon

Gin, vodka, blue curacao, lime juice, gomme syrup


Pussycat passion

Passoa, vanilla stoli, pineapple juice, lemonade


Tropical breeze

Passoa, vodka, cranberry juice, pineapple juice


Moulin rouge

Raspberry stoli, strawberry stoli, liquer de frambois, strawberry puree, cranberry juice


Traditional or strawberry

Traditional or strawberry


Traditional or strawberry

Traditional or strawberry


Virgin colada

Pineapple juice, cream of coconut, cream


Fruit punch

Orange, cranberry, pineapple, apple juice, grenadine


Tropical storm

Orange, pineapple, apple juice, lemonade


Pina colada

Rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, cream


Traditional or twisted

Twisted made with flavoured vodka


Champagne cocktails
Summer passion

Peach schnapps, champagne





Kahlua, baileys, grand marnier



Kahlua, baileys, absynth


Russian Roulette

Galliano, vodka


Brain Tumour

Archers, baileys, grenadine



Midori, baileys, vodka


Cocksucking Cowboy

Baileys, butterscotch schnapps


After Eight

Creme de menthe, kahula, baileys


Squashed Frog

Midori, baileys, grenadine


Slippery Nipples

Ambuca, baileys


Fizzy Fruit

Stoli strawberry, liquer de fraise, lemonade




White sambuca


Black sambuca




Butterscotch schnapps


Tequila gold






Flavoured stoli



Premium Beers



San miguel








Stella artois


Guest beers




Nastro peroni draught

1/2 Pint £3.50 Pint £5.00



1 Litre mineral water still or sparkling

Bottle £5.00 Glass £2.00 Small Bottle £2.00

Soft drink 1/2 pint




Premium house spirits


Deluxe premium spirits


Super premium




Bottled mixers


J20 - various flavours


Red Bull







Specials and Promotions

Havana always have excellent Promotions

Wed and Thurs and we’ve extended our Specials on Fridays as well. For example: Vodka & Mixer only £2.50 per glass – Becks & Stella £2.50 per bottle – Selected Wines 175ml £2.50 per glass and all available between 7 and 11pm Wed to Fri